“The Kincaids … celebrates not the birth of a nation, but its violent, vigorous coming of age.”
-Columbia Magazine

“Braun’s prose is as hard and tough – and honest – as the men and women he writes about, blending fact, fiction and myth.”
-Roundup Magazine

“I have been reading your books for quite a while now and I wanted to tell you just how much I really enjoy them. I have all of L’Amour’s books but truly think you are just as fine a writer, if not better. Thank you for the hours of enjoyment you have provided me.”
-David Wallick

“Matt Braun brings back the flavor of early Oklahoma and the grit of the men who brought law to an outlaw territory. He is a master storyteller of frontier history.”
-Elmer Kelton

“I once again see the unique talent that placed Matt Braun head-and-shoulders above all the rest who would attempt to bring the legends of the Old West to life. In place of the laconic, two-dimensional characters of Hollywood, Braun has given us men and women of flesh and bone, blood and sinew, people we can see ourselves joining as they walk down those dusty streets of Oklahoma Territory.”
- Terry Johnston

“Matt Braun is a titanic credit to Western literature.”
- Robert L. Gale

“Braun gives human depth and a poignant love to mythic Bill Tilghman, the West’s most admirable lawman.”
-Jeanne Williams

“Matt Braun is just as fearless as the man of the West he brings to life in his novel, OUTLAW KINGDOM. Braun tackles the big men, the complex personalities of those brave few who were pivotal in the settling of an untamed frontier. OUTLAW KINGDOM is an indelible portrait of a hard man living in dangerous times who was also a compassionate human being.”
-Jory Sherman

“I have a life-long interest in the west, especially the personalities of the period you deal with. You certainly put flesh and bone on them and really bring history to life. All excellent stories, excellently told. Thank you for many hours of reading enjoyment.”
-H.J. Uprichard

“I think your books are fantastic. ONE LAST TOWN was incredible.”
-Robert Burk

“I wanted to compliment you on BLOODSPORT, which I absolutely loved. I look for novels that give me a genuine feel for the people and the era, and I enjoy your novels for that reason. I almost feel like I was there to see it firsthand. Congratulations on a great job of writing.”
-Darrell Smith

“In OUTLAW KINGDOM, a mighty novel of Oklahoma in the Land Rush days, Matt Braun has brought back to life the sadly and inexplicably forgotten lawman Bill Tilghman. Braun is an Oklahoman and he has a deep knowledge and appreciation of the territorial history of his state. He has depicted splendidly the era when the Doolin gang made Oklahoma a killing ground and when Bill Tilghman stood for law in a lawless land.”
-Dale Walker

"Matt Braun has a genius for taking real characters out of the Old West and giving them flesh and immediacy."

  • 56 published novels and books
  • 40,000,000 copies in print worldwide
  • Published in fourteen foreign countries.
  • Winner of the Owen Wister Award For Lifetime Achievement
  • Winner of Western Writers of America Golden Spur Award
  • Inducted into the Hall Of Fame by Western Writers of America
  • Winner of the Festival of the West Cowboy Spirit Award
  • Lifetime appointment as Oklahoma Territorial Marshal
  • Critical acclaim for book How To Write Novels That Sell
  • CBS six-hour miniseries adapted from the novel Black Fox
  • TNT movie adapted from the novel One Last Town