Matt Braun excels as no other author in historical fiction. He has written 52 novels of the American West, a time of violence and love, settlement and adventure. His books cover the most romantic period in our nation’s Westward expansion, all through the lives of legendary  characters. Wyatt Earp, Jake Kincaid, John Wesley Hardin, Bat Masterson, Virgil Brannock, and many more.

We generally know of their feats and daring on the frontier. But we know virtually nothing of their personal lives and the women who loved them above all else. Wyatt and Josie.Jake and Sadie. Wes and Jane. Bat and Emma.Virgil and Elizabeth. Matt Braun brings to life not just the men, but the women who adored them and shared their dreams. And at the same time, he reveals, at last, how these men were devoted to the women in their lives.

A Matt Braun novel transports you to a bygone time when men challenged a wilderness and dared to be great. But in the same breath, he brings to life the women who supported them, bore their children, and gave deeper meaning to their lives. His stories are of the men and women who brought untold romance to the American West.



Matt Braun was born in Oklahoma from a long line of ranchers. He is a fourth-generation Westerner, steeped in the tradition and lore of the frontier era. His books reflect a heritage rich with the truth of that bygone time.

During his youth Braun was raised among the Cherokee and Osage tribes. He learned their traditions and culture, and along the way he developed an abiding respect for all Indians. Their philosophy regarding the right of each man to walk his own path became the foundation of Braun’s own beliefs.

Braun’s great-grandfather founded a ranch in western Oklahoma and once survived a shootout with three horse thieves. Still another ancestor was one of the foremost ranchers in Texas. John Adair went into partnership with Charles Goodnight, a legendary cattleman who blazed the Goodnight-Loving Trail. With Adair’s business acumen and Goodnight’s cow savvy, the outfit was established in Palo Duro Canyon, deep in the Texas Panhandle. By 1880, the partners controlled one million acres of land and more than 100,000 cows wore the JA Brand.

To a great extent, Braun is a man born out of his time. Like his ancestors, he has spent the majority of his life wandering the mountains and plains of the West. He writes of a West where a hardy breed of individualists challenged and conquered a raw and hostile land. His heritage, as well as his contribution to Western literature, resulted in his appointment by the Governor of Oklahoma as a Territorial Marshal. His novel BLACK FOX was adapted into a six-hour miniseries by CBS, and ONE LAST TOWN was adapted into a two-hour movie by TNT.

Among other honors, Braun was inducted into the Hall Of Fame by Western Writers of America and won the Owen Wister Award for Lifetime Contribution to Literature of the American West. His novels are written with a passion for historical authenticity and realism, and based on actual incidents. Dee Brown, the noted historian and author, commented on his work:

"Matt Braun has a genius for taking real characters out of the Old West and giving them flesh-and-blood immediacy."

Today, Braun lives in a remote section of mountains. He continues to travel the West, gathering source material for his novels. He stays in shape chopping firewood, riding horses, and training on a boxer’s speed bag. Not unlike the characters in his books, he is a crack shot and works out consistently on a combat pistol course. He is widely regarded as the most authentic writer of the American West.

"Matt Braun has a genius for taking real characters out of the Old West and giving them flesh and immediacy."

  • 56 published novels and books
  • 40,000,000 copies in print worldwide
  • Published in fourteen foreign countries.
  • Winner of the Owen Wister Award For Lifetime Achievement
  • Winner of Western Writers of America Golden Spur Award
  • Inducted into the Hall Of Fame by Western Writers of America
  • Winner of the Festival of the West Cowboy Spirit Award
  • Lifetime appointment as Oklahoma Territorial Marshal
  • Critical acclaim for book How To Write Novels That Sell
  • CBS six-hour miniseries adapted from the novel Black Fox
  • TNT movie adapted from the novel One Last Town